Enhancing Human Performance and Flow in Resuscitation

Mike Lauria was a pararescueman, providing medical/rescue support for special operations throughout the world.  Through this experience, he learned how to use psychological skills to perform under acute stress.  We were fortunate to have him join our winter symposium this year, discussing the cognitive science behind stress and performance, as well as how to use performance enhancing psychological skills for acutely stressful conditions. 


Presented at the Maine Medical Center Winter Symposium in March, 2018 at Sugarloaf Maine.



Interested in reading more about human factors in resus?  check out Mike's Human Factors column on Emcrit

Mike Lauria.jpg

Mike Lauria

Former Pararescueman (PJ), US Air Force Special Operations Command

Critical Care/Flight Paramedic, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Advanced Response Team (DHART)

Twitter Handle: @ResusPadawan


Posted by Jeffrey A. Holmes, MD