Flipped Classroom

At various times during grand rounds, we will "flip the classroom."  The flipped classroom model is based on reversing the traditional approach to teaching. Traditionally, we sit in a lecture hall while students passively receive information from the instructor. There is little interactivity for teacher or learners. After each class, homework is assigned and completed by learners in isolation.

The flipped model, as the name suggests, reverses this situation. Students review content material ahead of time.  This frees up class time for more interactive work, greater discussion at a deeper level of understanding, and more practice.  Please review the material below to help maximize your skills for the cardiac cup competition.




Cardiac Cup Stations


1.  High Performance CPR

2.  EKG and Rhythm Identification

3.  ACLS high fidelity simulation case run by intern

4.  ACLS high fidelity simulation case run by senior resident

5.  Transcutaneous pacing, cardioversion, defibrillation

6.  Ultrasound in ACLS


High Performance CPR

High Performance CPR Lecture given by the good Dr. Bohanske during the Maine Medical Center Winter Symposium 2017

High Performance CPR Lecture on HQmeded.com


1.  High performance CPR tool kit

2.  High performance CPR on December 2016 issue of EMRAP (requires subscription)

EKG and Rhythm Identification

A review of wide complex tachycardias including VT, SVT with aberrancy, AVRT with WPW and really WCT.
Dr. Amal Mattu gives examples of the material covered in the Dysrhythmias workshop at Resuscitation 2014. Visit gotresus.com for more information

ACLS HIgh fidelity CAses

Cardiac Arrest and ACLS in 2015


TRANSCUTANEOUS PACING/Cardioversion/Defibrillation

This lecture was recorded at the 2016 Maine Medical Center Winter Symposium in Sugarloaf, Maine. mmcwintersymposium.com 

George Higgins, MD, FACEP


1.  Trancutaneous Pacing Cheat Sheet

2.  Transcuteanous Pacing Module on www.downeastem.org

Ultrasound in ACLS


1.  Ultrasound and pulmonary embolism from http://5minsono.com/pe/

2.  Ultrasound in Shock from 5minsono.com

3.  Pericardial Tamponade from 5minsono.com

4.  Cardiac Function from 5minsono.com

5. Point of care ultrasound in cardiac arrest by Christina Wilson, MD