Flipped Classroom

At various times during grand rounds, we will "flip the classroom."  The flipped classroom model is based on reversing the traditional approach to teaching. Normally, we sit in a lecture hall while students passively receive information from the instructor. There is little interactivity for teacher or learners. After each class, homework is assigned and completed by learners in isolation.

The flipped model, as the name suggests, reverses this situation. Students review content material ahead of time.  This frees up class time for more interactive work, greater discussion at a deeper level of understanding, and more practice.  Review the material below to help maximize your skills practice for our airway day. 



airway Day


Mike Gibb's Airway Lectures

Recorded at the Maine Medical Center emergency medicine residency grand rounds. Michael Gibbs, MD, FACEP Professor and Chief of Emergency Medicine Carolinas Medical Center

Click here for Andy Perron's Airway Basics Presentation


Airway Lab Skill Stations


1.  Tips and Tricks with Direct Laryngoscopy



1.  Direct Laryngoscopy/Patient preparation Tips and Tricks Cheat Sheet

2.  Laryngoscopy - A Definition of Terms by tamingthesru.com



2.  Fiberoptic Intubation

Recorded at the Maine Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency Airway Lab 2016 Andrew Perron, MD, FACEP Professor of Emergency Medicine, Maine Medical Center Tufts University School of Medicine

awake fiberoptic intubation by Hqmeded.com

Additional helpful FOAMed

Awake flexible fiberoptic intubation by tamingthesru.com


3.  Surgical Airway

Screencast of the anatomy involved in a cricothyroidotomy. This isn't going to tell you how to do it, there's smarter people to do that!


1.  Surgical airway cliff notes

2.  Bougie Aided Cricothyrotomy by tamingthesru.com

3.  Cricothyrotomy – Cut to Air: Emergency Surgical Airway by emcrit.org



4.  Video Laryngoscopy



1.  Video laryngoscopy cliff notes

2.  Lights, camera, action - redirecting video laryngoscopy by emcrit.org

5.  ILMA/KING LT/Bougie

How to place a King LT supraglottic airway, by Jess Mason, MD. Visit www.EMRAP.org for all of your Emergency Medicine education!
How to place an LMA supraglottic airway, by Jess Mason, MD. Visit www.EMRAP.org for all of your Emergency Medicine education!

Helpful Documents

Rescue airway devices cheat sheet

6.  pediatric airway

How to Avoid the Pediatrci Airway Kerfluffle

Nathan Mick, MD

Helpful FOAMed

1. Pediatric Airway by HQmeded.com

2.  Emergency medical Education of the pediatric airway by emdocs.net