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Jeffrey A. Holmes, MD

Director of Simulation Education  

Department of Emergency Medicine

Maine Medical Center                     

Tufts University School of Medicine                                                               


  • Jacob Avila, MD

  • Gabrial Belanger, MD

  • Joshua Berlat, MD

  • Rebecca Bloch, MD

  • PJ Bourke, MD

  • Peter Croft, MD

  • Garreth Debeiegun, MD, FAWM

  • Shaila Delea, MD

  • Matthew Delaney, M.D. FACEP, FAAEM

  • Douglas Dillon, MD

  • CJ Fox, MD

  • Brent Fowler, MD

  • David Gallant BNS, RN, OTC

  • Michael Gibbs, MD, FACEP

  • Samir Haydar, DO, MPH, FACEP

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  • Jason Hine, MD, FACEP


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